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Aster Jubilee Medical Complex – Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai, Dubai

Clinic Profile

The flag ship medical centre of the group with an excellent track record and several specialties Aster Medical Centre (Al Rafa Poly Clinic and Indian Specialist Medical Centre) has earned the reputation of providing comprehensive healthcare services at affordable costs. With a dedicated team of internationally trained and experienced specialists aided by modern diagnostic equipment, the clinic helps ensure prompt diagnosis and dependable treatment. We represent a complete family clinic with all specialty services under a single roof. Starting 2013, coinciding with the silver jubilee of the parent company Aster DM Healthcare, the two clinics have been merged in to one as came to be known as the Aster Jubilee Medical Complex.

24 Hours Open

Aster Jubilee Medical Complex – Bur Dubai is open 24 Hours.


Aster Jubilee Medical Complex – Bur Dubai

Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road

Near Al Fahidi Metro Station

Tel: +97145090300

Fax: +97143888645

E-mail: jubilee@astermedicalcentre.com

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  •   General Medicine

    The professional team of General Medicine at Aster Medical Centres consists of internationally renowned experts. The department prides itself in its state-of-the-art diagnostic services and comprehensive treatment. Right from providing patient care for certain nonspecific symptoms to treatment for other specific disease patterns, the department is a complete healthcare stop focusing on all round patient wellness.

  •   Cardiology

    A healthy heart is a sign of overall well being. The department of cardiology at Aster Medical Centres understands your heart like none other. Cardiology is the study and treatment of disorders of the heart; it is a medical specialty which is involved in the care of all things associated with the heart and the arteries. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, and valvular heart disease and so on.

  •   General Surgery

    The Department of General and Minimally Invasive Surgery is a full-fledged healthcare facility providing complete evaluation, diagnosis, and surgical treatment for a wide variety of disorders. The department uses an integrated approach to deliver superb care and compassion. Our surgeons are equipped with the most advanced minimally invasive surgical innovations and technology to cure the patients.

  •   Orthopaedics

    At the Orthopaedic Department, Aster Medical Centre, our experts eliminate pain and ensure flexibility for your body so you can always walk with confidence.

  •   Gastroenterology

    As the old saying goes, all’s well when your digestion is well. At Aster Medical Centres, we make sure that we live by this saying. Good digestive health describes a digestive system that has appropriate nutrient absorption, intestinal motility, immune function and a balanced microbiota. The practice of gastroenterology concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine (colon), liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.

  •   Endocrinology

    There are times when the complexities of our body baffle us. At the Endocrinology department, Aster Medical Centre, we help you understand your body better, and simplify seemingly complex hormonal problems so that you can continue living a healthy and happy life.

  •   Neurology

    Neurological disorders often cause a lot of distress, especially when not treated with the right care and expertise. At the Neurology Department, Aster Medical Centre, we take that extra effort to understand these problems. Our experienced doctors and staff are all well sensitized to the problems that you may face and thus, take that extra step to help make things better for you.

    Our neurology lab is equipped with state-of-the-art neurophysiology equipment's which perform EEG, EMG, Nerve Conduction Studies, VEP, BAER and SSEP tests.

  •   Urology

    The Department of Urology at Aster Medical Centres, offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for adult and pediatric urological conditions. The Department always strives to deliver the best health care to our patients who seek advanced urological treatments in India.

  •   Pulmonology

    We, at the Pulmonology Department, Aster Medical Centre, are dedicated towards ensuring that you always breathe easy. With our experienced pulmonologists and with that touch of special care, we make sure that all your breathing and respiratory problems are well taken care of.

  •   Paediatrics

    Your child’s smile is worth more than all the wealth in the world. At the Paediatrics department, Aster Medical Centre, we understand exactly what you go through when your child is unwell. With our expert physicians who are well experienced when it comes to helping young children recover, we assure you that your little one will go home a happy child.

  •   Gynaecology / Obstetrics

    Obstetrics and Gynecology is fully committed to deliver world-class health care services to women looking for gynecological solutions. We have a dedicated team of doctors offering a wide range of services. From pre-pregnancy care to childbearing and post-menopausal care, there is a solution for all health concerns a woman experiences during these stages.

  •   Ophthalmology

    Your eyes are your windows to the world. At the Ophthalmology Department, Aster Medical Centre, we offer you care and guidance to ensure that these delicate, yet important parts of your body are well taken care of. With full fledged modern ophthalmic facilities we take care of patients of all age groups.

  •   ENT

    The sense of smell and hearing, along with the power of speech, are the most important aspects of our well-being. At the ENT department, Aster Medical Centre, our experienced physicians help you lead a happy and complete life, by helping you overcome any difficulties that you face, related to your ear, nose and throat.

  •   Dermatology

    Beauty is joy that comes from within. At the Dermatology Department, Aster Medical Centre, our aim is to ensure that we provide you not just superficial skin treatment, but care that heals you from within. With expert advice from our experienced doctors and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we promise comprehensive treatment for all your skin concerns.

  •   Rheumatology

    Rheumatology is a branch of internal medicine and pediatrics that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases which are diseases of the musculoskeletal system requiring medical management. The specialty focuses particularly on ‘autoimmune’ conditions which include inflammatory arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and systemic connective tissue disorders (lupus,scleroderma, etc.).

  •   Dentistry

    Your smile represents your happiness which in turn represents your health. At Aster Medical Centres, we know the importance of a healthy smile and for the same reason we have the best doctors with us who are devoted to maintain the health of the teeth, gums, and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and adjacent structures, equipped with the most up-to-date technology.

  •   Orthodontist

    Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth, to improve the appearance of the teeth and how they work. It can also help to look after the long-term health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints, by spreading the biting pressure over all your teeth.

  •   Clinical Psychology

    Clinical psychology is an integration of science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective well-being and personal development.

  •   Psychiatry

    Our doctors at the Psychiatry Department, Aster Medical Centre, are well-experienced in offering you the psychiatric help that you may need. We are dedicated to helping you out in every possible way, and in assisting you to take on the challenges that you face.

  •   Dietetics

    Eating healthy is indispensable to developing and maintaining a healthy life. The Department of Dietetics, Aster Medical Centre, is dedicated to offering you all the help possible to ensure that your diet is well balanced and nutritious. Our expert dieticians, with their many years of experience, will give you the best advice for a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.

  •   Nephrology

    Nephrology is a specialty of medicine that concerns itself with the study of normal kidney function, kidney problems, the treatment of kidney problems and renal replacement therapy. Systemic conditions that affect the kidneys and systemic problems that occur as a result of kidney problems are also treated under nephrology.

  • Dr. Binu Thomas

    General Medicine

    Dr. Binu Thomas has done his MBBS from Calicut University, Kerala (1982) and MD from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Karnataka (1989). He is having 21 years of experience after post graduation.He has joined DM Healthcare in the year August 1999.

  • Dr. Bijumon Varkey

    General Medicine

    Dr. Bijumon Varkey has done his MBBS from Calicut University in the year 1995, and MD from Baba Farid City of Health Science in the year 2002. He was working as Resident Medical Officer in KMC Hospital, Kerala and General Practitioner in various clinics in Dubai.He has joined DM Healthcare in the year July 2005.

  • Dr. Dennis Culiat Monzon

    General Medicine

    Dr Dennis completed his MBBS in 2002 from De-la-salle health sciences institute from Philippines.He has overall 11 years of experience.He was working in Riyadh,KSA for a period of 3 years.He joined AJMC on 17 /08/2013

  • Dr. Gurukanth Neeleshwar Rao

    General Medicine

    Dr.Gurukanth Neeleshwar Rao completed his M.B.B.S in 2004 and MD in General Medicine in 2008 from the prestigious Kasthurba Medical College, Manipal, India. He worked as a faculty from 2008 to 2012 in the department of Medicine, KMC Manipal. He is also a member of the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom (MRCP). He joined Aster DM Healthcare in November 2012.

  • Dr. Nasrullah Jakhrani

    General Medicine

    He has completed MBBS from Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, Pakistan, FCPS (Internal Medicine) from College Of Physicians Surgeons, Pakistan.

  • Dr. Prasanth Kinattupurayil

    General Medicine

    Dr. Prasanth has completed MBBS (1989) from Calicut University and MD (1995) from Indria Gandhi Medical College, Nagpur, India. He has more than 15 years of experience in India and UAE. His last assignment was with Dubai Tower Medical Centre before joining with us.He joined DM Healthcare in May 2006

  • Dr. Vani Krishna Warrier

    General Medicine

    She has completed he MBBS in the year 1983 from Calicut University and MD in the year 1990 from Dr. M G R Medical University, Tamil Nadu. She is having around 20 years of experience in various hospitals in India and UAE. For the past 10 years she is working with DM Healthcare.She joined DM Healthcare as General Practitioner in the year November 2001.

  • Dr. Harikanth

    General Medicine

    Dr. Harikanth has done his MBBS from Dow Medical College, Karachi Pakistan in the year 1994 and FCPS in the year 2003 from Fellow of College of Physician and Surgeon, Pakistan. He was working in various hospitals in Pakistan and then moved to KSA worked there for 2 years.He has joined DM Healthcare as Specialist Physician in August 2008.

  • Dr. T. M. Jaison


    Dr. Thannikot Mathai Jaison has done his MBBS (1974), MD (1979), and DM (1983) from the prestigious Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, India. He started his career in the same institute as Registrar and promoted to Professor and Head of the Department before joining Dr. Moopen’s Group.He joined DM Healthcare in August 2006

  • Dr. Sajesh Gopinath

    General Surgery

    Dr Sajesh completed MBBS from Government Medical College,Thrissur Kerala,in the year 2003 and MD from Government Medical College,Calicut in the year 2009.He started working since 2009,worked in Government Medical College,Thrissur(2009-2010) and also in Jubilee Mission Medical College,Thrissur(2010-2013). He joined Aster on 22/08/2013.

  • Dr. John George Emmatty

    General Surgery

    Dr. John George has completed MBBS (1973) & MS (1977). He has more than 14 years of experience in India and later moved to UAE.He has joined DM Healthcare in April 2001

  • Dr. Jerry Ignatius


    Dr. Jerry Ignatius, MBBS, D’Ortho, MS (Orthopaedics) has joined our Group as Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at Aster Jubilee Medical Complex, Bur Dubai. He has completed MBBS from Medical College, Trivandrum, D’Ortho & MS (Orthopaedics) from Kottayam Medical College, Kerala, India. He has around 5years of post MS experience in India.

  • Dr. Udaya Ballal


    He has completed his MBBS in the year 1980 from University of Mysore and MS Orthopedics in the year 1986 from Karnataka University, Dharwad. He is having around 24 years of experience in various hospitals. For the past 14 years he is associated with DM Healthcare.He joined DM Healthcare as G P (Orthopedics) in the year September 1996.

  • Dr. Sabu Antony K


    Dr. Sabu has completed his MBBS (1988), MD(1993) and DM(1997) from Calicut University. He has more than 10 years of experience after DM and he was associated with Ernakulum Medical Centre, Ernakulam, India before joining with DM Healthcare.He has joined DM Healthcare in June 1999

  • Dr. Thomas Joseph


    Dr. Thomas Joseph passed MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Kottayam and MD from govt. Medical college, Calicut and after practicing as general physician he passed his DM in gastroenterology from govt. Med college, Thiruvananthapuram

  • Dr. Prakash S Pania


    Dr. Prakash has completed his MBBS (1990) & MD (1997) from Karnataka University, India and DM (1999) from Mumbai University. He was practicing in India after his education. He joined DM Healthcare in July 2002.

  • Dr. Dinesh Jacob


    Dr. Dinesh Jacob has done his MBBS (1988), MD (1992) and DM (1997) from prestigious Kasturba Medical College, Karnataka, India. He was associated with National Hospital as Consultant Internist and later after his DM he was working with Trichur Heart Hospital and Aswini Hospital, Trichur, India as Consultant Neurologist.He has joined DM Healthcare in July 2005.

  • Dr. Nazeer Ahamed


    Dr. Nazeer Ahamed has completed his MBBS from Calicut University in the year 1989, MS from Mahatma Gandhi University in the year 1992 and M.Ch in Urology from Calicut University in the year 1997. He was working as Tutor in Department of General Surgery at Trichur Govt Medical College; Kerala. He was also working as Junior Surgeon at Metropolitan Hospital, Trichur, India.He has joined DM Healthcare in August 2006.

  • Dr. Rismon Panolan Hakkim


    Dr. Rismon has completed his MBBS (1993) from Calicut University and MD(1998) from Goa University. Fellowship from American College of Chest Physician in 2004 he did his MRCP in 2010 and European diploma in respiratory medicine in 2012.He was practicing India and later moved to Kuwait.He joined DM Healthcare in March 2009.

  • Dr. P M M H Sayeed (Medical Director)


    Dr. P M Mohamed Hydrose Sayeed has completed his MBBS in the year 1977 from University of Kashmir and DCH in the year 1985 from Mysore University. He joined Aster DM Healthcare in 1987 and was promoted to the Medical Director in the year 1988. He also has experience in the Ministry of Health in Oman.

  • Dr. Meenu Agarwal


    Dr. Meenu Agarwal has completed her MBBS (1983) & MD (1987) from Kanpur University, India. She was working in various hospital and clinic in India; she was practicing in her own clinic.She joined Aster DM Healthcare in May 2004

  • Dr. Khairunnisa


    Dr. Khairunnisa Mattummal, has completed her MBBS in Govt. Medical College Calicut and her DCH & MD in Pediatrics  at Govt. Medical  College Kottayam, Kerala, India. She did her Post-Graduate Diploma in Develeopmental Neurology (PGDDN)  under  Centre  for Child Development, Trivandrum Medical College. She has worked in the Govt. District Hospital Tirur as Pediatrician and Neonatologist.  Working in Dubai since 2010 as a Specialist Pediatrician, her special interests include Pediatric asthma and allergic disease, Developmental delay, ADHD, Learning disabilities, Thyroid disorders in children and Re-establishment of failed breast feeding in new born babies. She joined in Aster Jubilee Medical Complex, BurDubai as a Specialist Pediatrician in September 2014.

  • Dr. Sunitha George

    Gynaecology / Obstetrics

    Dr. Sunitha George has completed MBBS & MD from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. Trained in Infertility IVF and Laproscopy. She has more than 10 years of post MD experience in India & UAE. She joined Aster DM Healthcare in August 2010.

  • Dr. Swati Rahul Pawar

    Gynaecology / Obstetrics

    Dr. Swati has completed her MBBS (1994) & MD (1999) from Pune University. She started her career as Asst. Professor in Pravara Medical College and then moved for private practice in different Hospitals as a Consultant. She has more than 11 years of experience. She joined Aster DM Healthcare in December 2010

  • Dr. Haleema Mohammed

    Gynaecology / Obstetrics

    Dr. Haleema Mohammed has completed her MBBS (1979) from Calicut University, India, DGO (1990) and MD (1991) from prestigious Kasturba Medical College, Karnataka, India. She was working in various hospitals and clinics in India & UAE before her MD and after her post graduation she started her career in ESI hospital, Palakkad, India.She joined DM Healthcare as Gynecologist in July 1993.

  • Dr. Anurag Mathur


    Dr. Anurag Mathur, MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology) has joined our Group as Specialist Ophthalmologist at Aster Jubilee Medical Complex, Bur Dubai, Dubai. He has completed MBBS from Govt Medical College, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and MS (Ophthalmology) from B.J Medical College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India. He has around 6 years of post MS experience in India.

  • Dr. Saleem Moopen


    He passed MBBS, DOMS and Master of Surgery (MS) in Ophthalmology  from JJM Medical College, Davangare. After practicing as Ophthalmologist, he passed his Fellowship in General Ophthalmology (FGO) from the Sankara Eye Instituite, Coimbatore, India. He worked as specialist in  Susrutal Laser centre, Davangare and then took his Fellowship in Anterior Segment Ophthalmology from the prestigious Sankara Eye Instituite, Coimbatore, India. He then moved to Dubai and started his work at Iranian Hospital, Dubai. He became a part of Aster in January 2003.

  • Dr. Joseph Antony Chalissery


    Dr. Joseph Antony Chalissery has done his MBBS from Kerala University, in the year 1979, DLO from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, India, in the year 1982 and MS (ENT) from Mangalore University Karnataka,India, in the year 1990. He was working as ENT Consultant in different hospitals in Kerala and also worked as Specialist ENT in Jeddah, KSA. He has joined DM Healthcare as ENT Specialist in the year May 1999.

  • Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ramani


    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ramani has completed MBBS from Thanjavur Medical College, Tamilnadu, MS (ENT) from B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad and DNB from National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. He has around 5years of experience in India. He joined DM Healthcare in May 2012.

  • Dr. K. Balachandran


    Dr. Kottal Balachandran completed his MBBS in 1972 from Kerala University. Passed MD in 1978 from Calicut University, Kerala, and DVD in 1991 from Calicut University, Kerala. He was working as Dermatologist in different hospitals in India and Skin Specialist in Riyadh, KSA. He has joined DM Healthcare as Dermatologist in the year July 1999.

  • Dr. Beena Jose


    Dr. Beena Jose has completed MBBS (1988) and DVD,MD (1991) from Calicut Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India. She started her career in National Hospital, Calicut, Kerala (1992-94). Then she worked as Asst. Insurance Medical Officer in ESI (Insurance Medical Services) Hospital & Dispensary, Eranakulam, Kerala. She worked as Dermatologist in Agape Hospital, Hosur, Tamilnadu, India. She has joined DM Healthcare in 12th June 2013.

  • Dr. Kirthi Raju


    Dr. Kirthi Raju is a qualified and well trained Rheumatologist hailing from India. She had her post-doctoral training in Rheumatology from one of the most reputed institutions in India and is probably the only one to have this qualification in the UAE. Before joining DM Healthcare , she was with Global heath city as a fulltime consultant and as part-time consultant at Fortis in India. She was also associated with Sri Ramachandra Medical centre as faculty in Rheumatology & Telemedicine. Prior to this she was Specialist Rheumatologist at Royal Hospital,Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Apart from clinical work, Dr. Kirthi’s experience spreads into clinical research, teaching and presentations in professional and public forums as well.

  • Dr. Maya K Poovelil


    Dr. Maya has completed her BDS in the year 1992 and MDS Periodontia in the year 1997 from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. She was working with Trichur Heart Hospital and Mani Specialty Dental Clinic, Thrissur as Consultant. She also worked as Senior lecturer in Baseliose Dental College, Kothamangalam.She joined DM Healthcare as Periodontist in the year February 2006.

  • Dr. Ahamed Fahis Purayil


    Dr. Ahamed Fahis has completed his BDS in the year 1994 from Mahatma Gandhi Dental College, Pondicherry and MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in the year 2001 from Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai. He is having 9 years post graduation experience. He worked as both Dentist and lecturer in various hospitals in India.He joined DM Healthcare Group as Conservative Dentist in the year September 2005.

  • Dr. Prince K Job


    He has completed BDS & MDS from Government Dental College, University of Calicut, Kerala, India. He has around 13 years of experience in India and UAE. He became a part of Aster in March 2013.

  • Dr. Nithin Anantha Shenoy


    Dr. Nithin Anantha Shenoy has completed his BDS in the year 2001 from A. B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore and MDS from Mahatma Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences, Pondicherry, India in 2006. He was working as Senior Lecturer and Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon at the Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at K. M. Shah Dental College & Hospital and Dheeraj General Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. He joined Aster DM Healthcare as Specialist Oral Surgeon in May 2011.

  • Dr. Vipin Challiyil


    Dr. Vipin Challiyil  obtained his BDS, in dentistry and MDS in Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics from  Dr. MGR medical University of Chennai. He passed his Masters with First Rank. He worked as an Senior lecturer in orthodontics at the Malabar Dental College, Kerala and as Asst. Lecturer or Orthodontics in Al Azhar Dental College Thodupuzha before joining Aster DM Healthcare group in 1998

  • Dr. Aarthy Viswanathan

  • Ms. Reena Thomas

    Clinical Psychology

    Ms. Reena Thomas has completed M.Phil (Psychology) from University of Kerala and M.Phil (Clinical Psychology) form Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal, India. She has around 11 years of experience in India & UAE. She joined DM Healthcare in May 2013.

  • Dr. Rajeev Surendra Nath


    Dr. Rajeev Surendra Nath, MBBS, MRCPsych (UK) has joined our Group as Specialist Psychiatrist at Aster Jubilee Medical Complex, Bur Dubai, Dubai. He has completed MBBS from Trivandrum Medical College, University of Kerala, and MRCPsych from The Royal College of Psychiatrists, London, UK. He has around 7 years of post MRCPsych experience in the UK and India.

  • Ms. Lubna Hanif Surya


    Ms. Lubna Completed her B. Sc. in Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics (Mumbai University) in 2001 and her Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition (National Council, India) in 2002. She is a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetics Association. She has worked as Diet Counselor with VLCC Pvt. Ltd. till 2004 and as Chief Dietician in Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, India. She became a part of D M Healthcare since July 2008.

  • Dr. John Cherian Varghese


    Dr. John completed his M.B.B.S. from Bangalore University in 1998, M.D. Internal Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore in 2002 and his D.N.B. Nephrology from the National board, New Delhi. He has worked at Amrita School of Medical Sciences, Kochi and at King Khalid hospital, Saudi Arabia As a Specialist in Nephrology. He is a member of the International Society of Nephrology, European renal association and Indian Nephrology society. He has joined DM Healthcare from April 2013.